Church Response For Refugees

‘For Refugees’ are an alliance of denominations, organisations and congregations welcoming refugees.

For Refugees will gather churches, charities and local communities who wish to support and welcome refugees in their community.

To find out more about For Refugees visit the website.


For Refugees will challenge every church in the UK to welcome a refugee into their local community. We will promote activity and advocate for change in the following four critical areas:

For Refugees will promote four tracks by which churches can welcome and support refugees according to their particular situation and the resources at their disposal.

  1. Sponsoring: Offer to sponsor a refugee or refugee family into the community.
  2. Fostering and Mentoring: Foster or mentor a child refugee through Home for Good or Refugee Support Network.
  3. Welcoming: Run the Welcome Box project in conjunction with the Cinnamon Network.
  4. Partnering: Serve and partner with an established organisation working with refugees.

For Refugees will advocate for four key policy changes that will enable churches to welcome refugees within their communities.

  1. Establish Private Sponsorship: Call for government to establish a private sponsorship programme for refugees in the UK.
  2. Support Unaccompanied Minors: Call for government to resettle and support more child refugees through partnership with Home for Good and Refugee Support Network.
  3. Address Housing Legislation: Call for a change in European legislation with regards the need for refugees to be housed in
    a separate home.
  4. Increase The Numbers: Call on government to increase the number of Syrian refugees welcomed in the UK in line with practical commitment and support offered by churches and local communities.

For Refugees will develop a Churches’ Charter For Refugees. The charter will outline the key elements of the Church Response For Refugees and the commitments of participating churches and charities to offer an inclusive welcome, relational support, effective services and quality assurance.

For Refugees will offer further resources and support for churches and charities through:

  • Education: Teaching resources exploring the practical, political and theological issues concerning churches’ response to refugees.
  • Intercession: Resources for prayer and worship.
  • Consultation: Assisting churches to identify and implement strategic and appropriate responses within their community.
  • Connection: Facilitating partnerships between churches, refugee charities and Local Authorities.

For Refugees will bring together a wide range of churches and charities to ensure the widest possible reach and maximum impact.

  • National Partners: National networks, denominations, charities and organisations contributing to the Church Response For Refugees and promoting the initiative within their own constituency. National Partners will be represented on the Council of Reference with a point-person on the Steering Group.
  • Local Partners: Local churches, charities and community groups implementing the For Refugees strategy locally. For Refugees will help Local Partners to execute, develop and monitor their work with refugees in the community while providing a national voice and reporting mechanism that local churches can benefit from. Local Partners can benefit from and contribute to a national brand.
  • Local Members: Individuals who wish to align themselves with For Refugees and champion the cause in their community.

Steering Group

This group is setting the objectives and planning the work streams for start-up and the first six months.

National Partners

In November 2015 we are hosting an event at St Martin In The Fields, London for denominations, networks, churches, charities and organisations that wish to become National Partners in the project.