Our Approach to Education

Innovation Through Education

Our central belief is that by creating schools with a relational model, we can establish and nurture strength of character in each of our students. This means our children become self-empowered to meet the challenges of their lives, both in and out of the school environment.

Through establishing great relationships we cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit where children and young people understand that they can contribute to the world – that their creativity is something to be cherished.

In our schools, every child is important. Each one is given the experience, support and tools they need to become aspiring, self-aware, and secure, hope filled young people.

What does this look like in school?

We are absolutely committed to delivering the national curriculum in a way that inspires our children to enjoy learning and be proud of their achievements.

One of the most exciting ways we achieve this is through contextualised learning. The Chapel Street Community Schools Trust approach to curriculum delivery gives students a tangible reason to learn, by combining different subjects into practical, real-life projects, which enable children to go deeper and explore different dimensions of learning.

In a Chapel Street Community Schools Trust School our students access the curriculum in engaging and exciting ways that accelerate their learning and development, integrate knowledge from a range of different subjects, apply their studies to real life scenarios and schemes and gain a range of vital skills, such as teamwork, problem solving, entrepreneurial thinking and presentation skills. Contextualised learning helps our children to not only learn the content and information they need for the exams that they’ll take, but also to understand how they learn and to take charge of their own learning.

Every project is carefully planned to ensure students master both the required knowledge and develop the key skills. These projects run over a number of weeks and culminate in a public display, giving pupils the opportunity to showcase their work and their learning, to a variety of audiences, including local businesses.