Project Based Learning

Chapel Street Community Schools are committed to ensuring that teaching and learning in all Key Stages, produces outstanding academic success for all of our students.

One of the most exciting and effective ways that we achieve this is through practical, project-based learning. (Also referred to as expeditionary learning – as many times our students will go on educational trips or ‘expeditions’ to various locations).

This approach simply combines different subjects into practical, real-life projects, which enable them to go deeper and explore different dimensions of learning.
Through Project Based Learning our students are able to:

  • Access the curriculum in engaging and exciting ways that accelerate their learning and development,
  • Integrate knowledge from a range of different subjects,
  • Apply their studies to real life scenarios and schemes and gain a range of vital skills, such as teamwork, problem solving, entrepreneurial thinking and presentation skills.

Project Based Learning helps our students to take charge and ownership of their own learning.

Every project is carefully planned to ensure it is curriculum compliant, and to guarantee that students are able to master both the required content and develop the key skills.

Students learn to explore and evaluate ideas and arguments in a critical and constructive way while also learning to be receptive to new ideas.

These projects run over many weeks and culminate in presentations, performances and exhibitions, giving students opportunities to showcase their work and their learning and have a ‘real world’ understanding of expectations and deadlines.

This approach is delivering proven academic success at our Chapel Street Community Schools, as you can see from this video!