What is a Chapel St School?

An Outstanding centre of Education:

Each Chapel St School creates distinctive and dynamic learning environments that provide outstanding teaching and learning.

While Chapel St schools are faith based, sharing a broad, generous and inclusive Christian ethos, we welcome children and families from all faiths and none. We believe that creating hubs of educational and relational excellence, benefits our students, their families and entire communities.

Our Ethos:

Chapel St schools foundational principles are ‘Grace, Love and Fellowship. We create inclusive learning communities where each individual is valued.

Our schools are places where students are encouraged to be curious and explore the world around them.

We want to help create well-balanced, self-assured and kind individuals, who care about others and their communities. To that end, we engage our young people in practical community projects throughout their school career.

Our schools are welcoming places of hospitality where all are encouraged to come together to build community.

A Relational Approach:

Our approach to education is fundamentally relational. Relationships provide the cornerstone for a constructive learning environment, where young people recognise their own value and that of others. We have a strong focus on pastoral care, understanding that people need different levels of support at different times.

We strive to individualise teaching, learning, care and support to the particular gifts, abilities, challenges and opportunities of each student.

Where possible we aim to provide every student with an adult mentor throughout their school career to support, challenge and champion that young person, so that they are best placed to realise their full potential.