Success for life through learning

We teach our students how to apply their knowledge and understanding to everyday life in a way that encourages a life long love of learning.

Throughout the demands of the curriculum we enable our students to develop and apply a wide range of skills to great effect and we make sure that they are fully prepared for the next stage in their education, training or employment.

  • To ensure that every student is able to make substantial and sustained progress across a broad range of subjects including English and Maths.
  • That from each different starting point, all students are able to make or exceed expected progress against national targets
  • That there is little or no gap in the achievement of different groups of students including those who receive Pupil Premium funding.
  • That our staff are highly qualified professionals and are able to challenge and encourage the students at every level to produce their best work.
  • The ability to reflect on their school experiences, use imagination, creativity and develop curiosity in their learning
  • The ability to apply an understanding of right and wrong in their school life (and in their everyday lives beyond the classroom)
  • A willingness to take part in activities requiring social skills
  • An understanding of various options and challenges as they move through school and on to the next stage in their education, training or employment
  • A willingness to overcome any barriers to their learning
  • The ability to respond positively to a range of artistic, cultural and sporting opportunities provided by the school
  • The necessary skills and attitudes to participate fully and positively in a democratic, modern Britain
  • An understanding of and respect for the range of different cultures within school and beyond as an essential part of their preparation for life.
In addition to academic performance we firmly believe in an ‘all round’ approach to education. We have seen how our students benefit greatly from putting time and effort into local community projects.

Our students and schools are an considered an valued and active part of the community and this is one way in which we demonstrate our commitment to our local communities.