We believe in the power of human relationships, in sharing hospitality with people of all faiths and none and inviting the whole community to work towards the common good.


We create inspirational schools founded on a radically relational model.

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We understand that being connected to and cared about by the community around us makes each of us feel more positive and helps us achieve daily goals to improve our overall personal well being.

That’s why we run two community networks to connect vulnerable adults with support from their local community.

Link Line

Link Line is a team of friendly people in the community who help make life worth living for local people whose quality of life and independence is at risk from complex health needs, isolation, loneliness or disability.

Link Line is run from the Cassidy Road Medical Centre in Fulham, with funding from Big Lottery.

Mum Plus Mum

Mum Plus Mum is a network of mums who understand that being pregnant and having a baby brings big changes to life and has many challenges!

As a free, local initiative building supportive peer relationships between new and experienced mums, Mum Plus Mum plays a vital role in building community.


We support support churches, faith groups and organisations to build community.

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